Homes for Generations

Functional, Accessible, Affordable, Buildable Small Homes

Welcome to the FAAB Small Homes research programme.

The FAAB Small Homes project builds on previous research within BBHTC (and beyond) on the importance of accessible housing and its net benefits. It addresses a new and neglected dimension of accessible housing. That is, the extent to which the introduction of requirements around accessible design may compromise the production of small homes. 

Aotearoa NZ presents a unique contradiction. It has a world-renowned accreditation system (LifeMark) for designing and building accessible, functional homes. At the same time, accessibility and functionality is explicitly excluded from the legislation that sets out the performance requirements of our new builds. That exclusion means that our new homes typically fail to adapt to our future of increasingly longer lives and an ageing population. People with disabilities and age-related frailty and people with children need homes that enable them. They need the homes of their whānau and friends to be able to welcome them in.